Boogaloo Show At State Capitols/ US Capitol Lockdown Alert & Small Fire/ New NSA Attorney/ Harris Resigns/ Migrant Storm/ Fed Prisons Lockdown/ 100 Pardons Ahead/ No Tea For Jill Biden


Boogaloo checklist: long gun, hawaiian shirt, Pall Malls, beef jerky.

A field reporter at The Daily Caller, Jorge Ventura, reports from the Ohio Statehouse, where he notes that "580 National Guard members" were activated "to provide security around the Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus through Wednesday."

Boogaloo boys marching towards the Ohio Statehouse for an armed protest. Gov. authorized 580 National Guard members to provide security around the Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus through Wednesday

- Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) January 17, 2021

"We are not a pro-Trump group," said one of the armed protesters at the Ohio demonstration.

Another Antifa Arrested Posing As Pro-Trump At Capitol 
Another Antifa guy pretending to be a Trump supporter in the Capitol Building. The only "planned insurrection" seems to be from some BLM and Antifa guys planning to pretend to be Trump supporters. The impeachment narrative was completely false from the beginning and continues to fall apart by the day.

Trump Issues Proclomation of National Sanctity of Human LIfe Day


US Capitol goes into lockdown due to external security threat

         Mon 18 Jan 2021 15:29:35 GMT Author: Adam Button | Category: News

Odd day to be threatening something

        There's a 99.9% chance this is nothing but given recent events, it's notable. However it's an odd day to be phoning in a threat because it's a holiday in the US and many (most?) politicians won't be there.

An alert told people to stay away from windows.

        "Capitol Hill staffers received the following text per ArdenFarhi
"All buildings within the Capitol Complex: External security threat, no entry or exit is permitted, stay away from exterior windows, doors. If outside, seem cover. USCP"

10:31 AM · Jan 18, 2021


       JUST IN - Smoke rising behind the U.S. Capitol building. Emergency announcement playing at Capitol grounds. People who were on the grounds for the inauguration rehearsal have left.

RT Reports on Lockdown and Fire At US Capitol


Apparently the fire has been extinguished 

"From the DC Fire Department:  #DCsBravest responded to an outside fire in the 100 block of H St SE that has been extinguished. There were no injuries. This accounts for smoke that many have seen."

The Inaugural rehearsal was shut down. 

From Patrick Byrne:
Dr. Charles Lieber - CCP - Arrested. 50K a month plus living expenses and 1.5 million $ in payment. US scientist who worked for the Gates-Rockefeller-Foundation and Wuhan laboratory. Coronavirus + Gates - Biden - CCP - EU - WHO - genocide Tedros - DNC - illegal migrants - dominion - smartmatic - All connected. Corruption rampant and they aren't afraid of getting caught. Crooked prosecutors, crooked mayors, crooked governors, crooked sec of states, crooked law enforcement.

Unrelated note - The Trump family was evacuated from the Capitol last night - not the President but family. 

From @MotherFarmer
The capital is on lockdown, surrounded by thousands of national guard inside an erected containment area, 2,000 National Guardsmen were just deputized to deputy US Marshals. Both houses of congress are on recess. . . if I were into conspiracies I might think that this would be the time to be making arrests and taking people to the capital for a military tribunal.

In a last-minute move, NSA installing Trump loyalist as general counsel

Pelosi Tries To Block This Appointment That was Made Last November but Never Acted Upon

Harris Resigns Senate Seat

CIA HQ  Raided Last Weekend By Marines?   Anon Leaks To Ponder - UNVERIFIED

Thousands Storming Through Guatemala On The Way To Biden's USA Free Citizenship

Story of How "The Star Spangled Banner" Was Written

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