Beginning at timestamp 4:15
         "Chatter increasingly indicating massive shift in Democrat party. Hunter Biden email scandal has rocked the boat so hard that it has begun to take on water. Chatter is indicating that the DMC and Biden Campaign are currently communicating with each other over removing Biden from the ticket forcing a new vote across America. Yes the DMC is crunching serious numbers to verify whether Hillary Rodham Clinton could replace Biden. Harris is being briefed on the changes. Sanders is also a likely candidate to replace Biden, however Sanders has issue that would age? his political career twice over if they came to light. Mayor Pete is on the shortlist among Bloomberg and Warren. Bloomberg is compromised on the Hunter Biden emails and Mayor Pete has skeletons overflowing from his closet, let's just say his love life is spread quite thin. Biden is out non-negotiable.
A Warren-Harris ticket 20% chance.
A Hillary-Harris ticket 60% chance.
Bernie-Harris ticket 10% chance.

And Unknown-Harris ticket ... 10% chance."

Editor's note - Q is mentioned at the start of this audio, but I do not pass this on because of that at all. I do not follow Q.  Let's not forget that as this is written, Obama is suddenly stepping in on the campaign trail for Mr. Biden.   Is that not an oven mitt operation during the last 2 weeks of a Presidential campaign?   Never have I seen a Presidential candidate that didn't campaign heartily every day in the last few weeks - even Hillary got her body out last time, though she'd stumble and fall before cameras.   In my opinion this entire switcher-oo move would solve seemingly insurmountable problems for the Democrats, and actually breathe fresh life into their campaign, as:

1.  A never before historical and extraordinary move AND places two women on a ticket
2.  POOF!!  the incredible Biden scandals all go away
3.  Places Hillary in power without having to remove Biden after a win, as some indications were given they were planning to do
4.  Gives Dems an air of being "responsible" and "intolerant" of the type of crimes against women and children alleged against Hunter Biden
5.  In their eyes reinvigorates and or brings back the black, Hispanic, gay and women voters they have possibly been losing to Trump

As to the downside for them?   Just witnessing how the last election 2016 played out, we all know the Democratic Party operates largely on Wish Fulfillment Fantasies and not in reality.  We know that it is only a desperate and bankrupt party that would find optimism in replacing a totally corrupt Presidential candidate with another one.   I have no such regard for Trump's opposition that they can look in the mirror and see that for themselves.   

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